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The Brand

Sustainable. And sexy.

Meet soléa – the young and modern swiss swimwear brand that flatters every woman’s figure with sustainable, high-quality bikinis. soléa stands for glamour and self-confidence with love for Mother Nature. She doesn't care if you fit the norm. She is beautiful, she is not perfect. Sometimes she is even edgy and always sexy in her own way. 

Leila and Natalia had been searching for years for a swimwear brand that aligned with their values. They wanted sustainable swimwear that was also modern, edgy, and luxurious. After realizing that the options out there didn't meet their criteria, they decided to create their own brand. soléa was born with the vision of offering sustainable swimwear that didn't compromise on style or quality. They sourced premium recycled fabrics to create their designs, ensuring that customers could feel amazing in every sense of the word. Sustainable. And sexy.

Founder soléa Swimwear